Letter From the Editor

          The overarching theme of the following articles is about critically thinking on topics relating to different communities. I urge the audience to remain open minded while reviewing the following articles because these are situations and conditions that require socially ethical responses. Each of the articles will discuss a different situation relating to a group … Continue reading

Smoking Rates Among Native Americans

During a group project I was spurred to use critical thinking when determining the cause and possible solutions relating to smoking rates among Native Americans. Attached are the final documents our group developed to educate others on this subject. NativeAmer.Pamphlet (2)-1 Native American Smoking Rates Facts -1 Native American ad-1

No Time For Discrimination

Discrimination and Health * In the U.S. we pride our country on being a “melting pot” of different cultures and ethnicity, however, how accepting of these differences are we? A large portion of my class focused on the discriminatory actions taken against minorities. In the article below I discuss how discrimination negatively affects health. If … Continue reading

Obesity: Health and Psychology

Mental Health and Physical Health   * A healthy discussion was spurred between my classmates where we each formed our opinion on whether obesity is a disease or not. The following article was my method of communication where I explained my opinions to my classmates.           A disease is defined as a disorder that … Continue reading

In Their Kitchen

Diversity of Human Experience SNAP Challenge April 19th-21st  For one weekend I took the SNAP Challenge, which involves eating on $4.00 per day. I took this challenge hypothetically and tried shopping for a limited amount of food that could be stretched over three days. Below is a menu of the meals I could have eaten … Continue reading