Letter From the Editor

          The overarching theme of the following articles is about critically thinking on topics relating to different communities. I urge the audience to remain open minded while reviewing the following articles because these are situations and conditions that require socially ethical responses. Each of the articles will discuss a different situation relating to a group of people that struggle with some type of discrimination in their community.

            During the progression of this class I have learned about different types of discrimination from racial to wealth and health statuses. By researching areas of society that are imperfect my eyes have opened to a world I was oblivious to. Such areas of study we focused on related to racial discrimination that caused whole neighborhoods to face health disparities. Overall, there are actions that cause negative affects in groups of people that have the right to better treatment. Another idea we focused on as a class was how families survived on food stamps.

            One of the first projects I completed was the SNAP Challenge, which you will read in more detail. This project allowed me to see how another world survived with limited resources and dealt with the health and psychological problems caused by such physical and emotional stress. In a country where we have so much, there seems to be countless families with so little. The health of others does have an affect on every one of us. A community cannot be truly healthy unless every member is able to reach their highest potential.

            In the following articles you will discover areas in which a population is not able to reach their maximum potential based on societal barriers. An example of this can be seen in the public health campaign on smoking rates among Native Americans. Due to the early acts of U.S. government, much of original Native American culture was destroyed and their new way of living has left them at a disadvantage relative to their past lifestyles. By reeducating and allowing these people to live in positive and productive ways they will grow their culture and health to the glory it once held.

            By respecting everyone as an individual we can advocate for the equal treatment of all people. One cannot change a whole society at once, but person-by-person we can become educated on these issues. As you read through the following material I hope you will be inspired to take a deeper look at disparities in our society from the local to national level. Please direct any comments, questions, or concerns to myself, as I would love to hear your opinions on these issues.


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